Things seen and done:


New River Gorge Visitor Center in WV

Lincoln's Birthplace in Kentucky

Lincoln's Boyhood Home in Indiana

Lincoln's House in Springfield, Illinois

Herbert Hoover's Library and Museum in Iowa

Stopped and saw my mom for 1.5 hours in Iowa

  and at the same time saw my sister

  went to my sisters for the night

  and my aunt and uncle in Iowa with 1 of their

       daughters stopped by my sisters

       they live 30 minutes form her

Stayed at my sisters that night

Western Trail Center in Council Bluffs, Iowa

Harry Truman's Home and Museum in Missouri

Shawnee Mission National Monument in Kansas City, Kansas

Stayed at Pre-Rally hotel in Lincoln, Nebraska

Tour of the Kawasaki plant in Nebraska

Fabulous drive up the Sand Hills route to Hill City, SD

   thanks to those who helped make it to registration in time

Crazy Horse Monument in SD

Needles Highway

Pigtail Bridges and Tunnels

Mt. Rushmore in SD

Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway

Scenic ride through roads/canyon around Nemo, SD

Devils Tower in Wyoming

   great ride on 34 and 24

Chimney Rock in Nebraska

Scott's Bluff in Nebraska

Wind Cave in SD

Badlands in SD

Jewel Cave National Monument-Park in SD

  and took a tour of the cave

Lincoln's Boyhood Home in Indiana