Ragged Mountain Reservoir


The Ragged Mountain Nature area is a 980 acre natural area. The reservoir has two parts, an Upper Lake and a Lower Lake. The Main Trail closely follows near the lakes. There are some 20 foot high cliffs inland where stone was mined to build the earthen dam that is there today. The Ragged Mountain Natural Area has added three new spur trails that I have not been on. The Peninsula Loop and Upper Lake trail take you closr near the lakes then the Main Trail. I have hiked the main trail many of times. If you like to stop and look, or take your time, you could complete the Main Trail within 3 to 4 hours.

 This is the link for the Ragged Mountain Trails Layout.

This is the sign for the natural area. You can't miss it when your coming down the road.

For a while there has been talk about raising the dam so that the reservoir could hold more water.
If the dam was raised the earthen dam would be covered in water including all the existing trails
that are already established. They have a water line that goes from Sugar Hollow Reservoir that
dumps into the Ragged Mountain Reservoir. Most people who like the Ragged Mountain Natural Area are fighting not to have
the dam increased in height. This has been s topic for a while but nothing has really followed through.

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