Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek is open daylight hours throughout the year.
Walnut Creek has 15 miles of trails. My hiking experience at Walnut Creek was enjoyable. There
trails were well kept and were clearly marked. With the trails also divided by difficulty it allows visitors
to hike on a trail based on what the visitor wants to do, visitors might want to have a nice lesure walk or
go on a vigorous hike.

For information on the mountain bike trails at walnut creek follow the link bellow.
Walnut Creek Mountain Bike Trails

Other activities at Walnut Creek are Canoe rental, Fishing, Boating, Swimming.
For more information on these activities follow the link below.
Walnut Creek Park

Rivanna Trails Foundation (also known as the RTF)

RTF has over 20 miles of hiking trails.

Follow the link below for a Rivanna Trails Foundation trail map.
Rivanna Trails Foundation Trail Map

My experience on Rivanna Trails varied. Rivanna trails is convenient for me
because it is in town.
There are a couple of sections missing from the trail that are very problematic for hikers.
There is a section that is blocked off by razor wire after Darden Towe Park and before
Locust Avenue. There is also a section missing at the Wollen Mills area and at Jordan Park
there is no bridge to cross the creek. When I was hiking I had to find my own way around these obstacles and
back to the trail.

Follow the link below for description of certain trail sections.
Guide to Rivanna Trail
Follow the link below for the most recent update on the condition of certain trail sections.
Trail Conditions