This is a receipt for Silnet.         $12.26

  This was sealer for the

  new tents.

  Silnet receipt.


This receipt is for plastic             $72.84            $69.38 plastic roll

  for new ground sheets                                       $3.46 tax at 5%

  for the new tents and to                                   $72.84 total

  replace older ground


  Plastic roll receipt.

  Maybe a better copy of receipt.


This is a receipt for nylon             $6.73

  rope that used in making

  the woggles for new


  Receipt for woggle supplies.


This receipt is for the 2 new      $190.80

  Cook Kits and 1 new

  Chef Kit



This is a receipt for 3 new         $121.82           $18.97 lantern

  shovels, 1 new saw,                                          $0.94 tax at 5%

  1 new cooler, 1 new                                       $19.91 total

  blue water jug, 2 new

  tarps, mantles, 1 new                                      $141.73 receipt total

  stove stand. The lantern                                  -$19.91 lantern and tax

  has to be minus out                                         $121.82 total

  since it was the wrong

  type. Removed price of

  lantern and 5% tax.



                        Grand Total:  $404.45